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Construction Overview

"Taekwondwowon," the world cultural heritage we are making in our generation

Construction Overview
Location 1482 Museol-ro, Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do
Total area of the site 2,314,000㎡, Developed site: 879,000㎡(excluding private investment facilities)
Total construction area 66,000㎡ (excluding private investment facilities)
Construction period 20005 to 2013 (ground-breaking in 2009, completion in 2013)
Total project cost KRW 247.5 billion

Grounds for Taekwondowon Project

Selection of Taekwondo as an official Olympic event at the 103rd IOC general assembly (Sept. 1994)
  • Taekwondo's growth as a global sport practiced by 80 million people in 206 countries
Necessary to secure legitimacy of the taekwondo suzerain and to enhance its status
  • Necessary to build symbolic taekwondo infrastructure suitable to the status of taekwondo’s pinnacle of excellence
  • To promote taekwondo as the prime cultural icon, and cultural and touristic asset of Korea
Upsurged public opinion for the construction of Taekwondo mecca as a pivotal complex for global taekwondo family
  • Urgent need for the construction of world taekwondo hub to meet the rapid growth of global taekwondo

Need to establish the hub of world taekwondo to perform a pivotal role as taekwondo’s pinnacle of excellence

Vision & Mission of Taekwondowon

3 Major Goals/
Vision - Creative leader for the promotion of new taekwondo culture/
Mission - Creation of new taekwondo culture by inventing and spread of taekwondo value/
Slogan - Beginning of the Great Change, Taekwondowon/

To become the hub of world taekwondo education, training, and exchanges/
To become the origin of new Korean wave (Hallyu) by inventing and spread of taekwondo culture/
To become the center for personality education and healing of youths through enhanced taekwondo value